Professional Development Curriculum

Axentys in partnership with Spice Catalyst provides your product management and product marketing teams an integrated Agile methodology and curriculum designed to help them stay at the forefront of today’s fast paced, customer focused and innovation driven market. The following courses are available on-line or delivered on site, per request, and are typically part of our seminars’ agenda that we regularly hold a couple of times per year, across the country:

  • Product management and marketing
  • Product positioning
  • Product life-cycle management
  • Product development: stage gate analysis and improvement
  • Product launches
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Pricing strategy
  • Private labeling
  • Portfolio management
  • Portfolio enhancement strategies
  • Sales channels development, management and optimization
  • Big data concepts and their impact on business

Our curriculum goes far beyond just “what” needs to be done. The courses go deeply into “how” to “do” the job successfully. They provide you with the Agile vision, strategy, processes and skills to increase the velocity of the customer value you deliver and to accelerate the growth of your company. The curriculum and courses were developed by worldwide experts from such companies as Apple, HP, Adobe, Infosys, Cisco and more.

Product Management and Product Marketing Training Courses Online, On Demand, any Time, any Place Training for as long as you like

Axentys Curriculum

Axentys’s integrated curriculum and courses provides product managers, product marketing managers and teams the thought leadership and skills they need to succeed in today’s highly competitive, fast paced and fast changing markets.

The comprehensive curriculum addresses introductory through advanced skills and includes emerging competencies demanded by today’s market leaders. The courses emphasize not just what needs to be done but how to do it.

They are rich in examples and resources that enable students to quickly apply their new knowledge to their day to day work. Courses are based on Agile / Lean principles, the foundation of Axentys’s “Creating Insanely Great Customers” and “Building Insanely Great Products” product management and marketing framework.

Target Audience

Our curriculum is designed primarily to support product management and product marketing professionals in technology oriented product and services companies. Our goal is to provide teams and individuals with current state vision, best practices and skills required to lead in today’s fast paced, innovation and customer driven markets.

Our courses are designed to support people: Just starting a career Making a lateral move into one of the disciplines of product management and or marketing Adding to their existing experience and skills Moving up into a management or executive role or, Leading a technology oriented start up or business unit. The curriculum has a high tech focus (including IT and software) but can be used for any organization that is developing and bringing products and/or services to market. The curriculum has a business-to-business bias but it can also be used for business-to-consumer.

Learning Objectives

Axentys Curriculum teaches not only what needs to be done, but also how to do the job strategically and tactically with practical, current and real world examples and exercises. Created by today’s thought leaders, it provides the vision, methodology and skills that are critical to leadership. It is product life cycle, methodology, and process agnostic.

  • Understand all the strategic, operational and tactical aspects of product management and product marketing management
  • Provide organizations and people the with product management and product marketing management capabilities and competencies that deliver strategic advantage in today’s markets
  • Learn how to deliver on the responsibilities of a product manager and product marketing manager and manage a product through its entire lifecycle
  • Learn both the hard and soft skills
  • Be able to write and update key product management and product marketing management documents and presentations
Agile Product Management and Marketing Framework

This framework covers everything from Creating Insanely Great Customers, to the hard skills needed for product management and the soft skills needed for success.

Modular Design

The curriculum is completely modular which enables any combination of lessons over any span of time.

  • Key learning objectives that map directly into the competencies you need
  • Pre-course assessment so you can compare to the post course assessment and demonstrate your learnings
  • Suggested reading materials
  • Video lecture presentations
  • Quizzes to help you remember
  • Real world examples
  • Exercises to practice your newly gained knowledge

Curriculum courses are structured as:

  • Basic or Entry (Level 100)
  • Specialist (Level 200)
  • Leadership (Level 300)
  • Expert (Level 400)

Courses include different competency dimensions including business, core product management and marketing functional areas, processes and soft skills.

Delivery Options

The courses are designed to be delivered in the way that best suits your needs.

They can be delivered:

  • On-site at your location
  • On-Line over the Internet
  • On-Demand over the Internet

In the case of on-site delivery, those courses pre-recorded lectures can be viewed ahead of time as homework thus saving valuable class time for interaction with the instructor.

Customized Content
  • Selecting which courses you want to be taught
  • Choosing how much time you wish to spend per courses
  • Incorporating examples from your company
  • Including exercises based on your products or services
  • Using your terminology throughout the course
  • Using checklists that match your processes
  • Incorporating Axentys’s capability assessments if they are completed prior to the training
Tailored by Business Function

Courses and delivery can be tailored to support the needs of other groups that need to better understand how to work with and support product management and marketing.

Those include:

  • Company founders/CXOs/investors/ Chief Product Officers
  • Executive or Business Unit Leaders
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