Driven by a single focus

Axentys Sales Optimization Services is driven by a single focus – to make sure you get the most out of our solutions and products. We’ll work with you every step of the way, providing you with the knowledge, tools and best practices you need to maximize business results. ​

  • Every customer interaction is a potential sales opportunity. Increase the sales performance of your organization and act on opportunities in real time.
  • Shift the odds of success in your favor. Align 3 key performance drivers — Sales Talent Analytics, Adaptive Learning, and Sales Enablement — to create a balanced, change resilient selling model. Improve the probability of achieving YOUR unique, vital business goals.
  • Align sales to business goals. Analyze talent to statistically determine critical competencies proven to drive profitability and revenue growth for your organization.
  • Force sales development on high-probability performance drivers. World-class adaptive learning methods and process alignment enable individual success and operational excellence.
  • Accelerate consistent, highly effective field application and sales execution with technology enablement.
  • With data gathered and analyzed during the Auditing and Assessment phase, and with a set of recommendations provided to management, ordered by priority, it is now possible to tackle the optimization work to jump start revenue growth.
  • There are four general areas we look at for optimization: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Product Innovation.
  • Sales is typically the first area on which we focus our optimization efforts because it generally produces the quickest impact on revenues. Once Sales is optimized, we then look at other areas that may benefit from optimization.
Sales optimization

To create a world-class sales organization you need at least three things.

  • Hire the right people and make sure your current people are in the right roles
  • Ensure you have lean and effective sales and sales management processes
  • Help your sales managers and salespeople learn and master the right skills

The concept is simple. It’s the execution that’s hard. That’s where we help.

  • Right Capabilities
  • Right Process
  • Rapid Analysis
  • Right Communication