Axentys Data Analytics

The future of business management lies in an organizations ability to consume data irrespective of its source, size or type. Concepts of Virtual Data Warehouse, easy Data Visualization and Data Extraction in Real-time have opened a new vista of Analytics that take decision-making processes of a business to an all new level. Companies are investing heavily in advanced Business Intelligence systems to make the most of data available in abundance and stay ahead in the competition curve. Companies in some cases also resort to Open Source Business Intelligence systems that are easy to get started with, but have constraints on dependency and consulting.

Axentys offers the best in class, innovative solutions for Data Visualization and Business Intelligence to meet the data consumption needs of modern businesses. We help you explore data to gain insights that can be shared in a simplistic manner with your teams. These solutions can be seamlessly integrated with legacy systems and deliver smart, advanced, real-time analytics for speedy decision making. We adopt the approach of Understand, Adapt and Transform; ensuring that all the solutions we deliver, creates a significant impact on your business.

We do this by employing the ideal Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Tools to improve time to decision making and time to market.

We have extensive experience of working on big data projects and aim to offer our clients exemplary software consulting services. Our business is founded on the core principles of creativity, excellence and inventiveness. This means that when you use our services, you can be assured of a high quality service and fantastic solutions tailored exclusively for your business.

Data analysis. Business intelligence. Software development. These are all crucial factors when it comes to understanding data and developing solutions based on raw results. These are also the things that Axentys specializes in.

In brief, we:

  • Offer a comprehensive range of business intelligence and consulting services to add value to your business, turning your raw data into evidence that can really make a difference.
  • Analyze large amounts of data using cloud computing.
  • Work on web analytic, data mining and machine learning projects.
  • Work with online advertising data.
  • Work to two-week delivery cycles so you will receive the results of your data analysis while it is still fresh and relevant, meaning it will have maximum impact.

Why Axentys Data Analytics

Organizations today need insights into markets, customers and their own internal process to stay ahead of competition and to deliver sustainable business performance. There is a need to go beyond the customary approaches to data. For quicker and better decisions, one must learn to cope with and build on the high volume and velocity of real-time structured and unstructured data i​n different formats. Leading Industry analysts have suggested that those who do this will outperform competition by 20% in every financial metric.

Axentys’ Analytics Services have helped organizations like yours effectively combine deep industry knowledge, cutting edge technology tools like Tableau, SPSS to build an enterprise-wide analytics culture.

With proven delivery methodologies, we help you :

  • Drive growth through
    • Deeper customer insights
    • Product/service innovation
  • Enhance cost management through
    • Optimized operations
    • Better financial performance analysis
  • Improve risk management through
    • Enhanced regulatory compliance
    • Internal risk and control

We understand that information, insights and foresights impact every aspect of business. Analytics can help you predict customer behavior, meet their needs and cement long-term customer relationships.