Axentys About Us

Why would you consider Axentys as a catalyst for your business?

Axentys is a business consulting and training firm focused on providing specialized business development, sales, product marketing and management services but also training in wide variety of business functions. Our value proposition is built on the cumulative experience of our consultants, huge network of sub-contractors and training experts, our meticulous and in-depth research and our extensive network of insiders covering almost every industry and every market.

Axentys provides organizations with the services and tools needed to maximize organizational performance at a fraction of a cost when compared with large consulting companies. We do that while keeping at least the same quality level and certainly less of a “big boys” attitude.

Our value proposition: Cost, Quick Turnaround, Expertise.

How do we do that? We use fewer full-time consultants that are not feeling the pressure fighting for “billable hours” and instead we use a large network of sub-contractors that gives us a lot more flexibility in terms of costs, available expertise and increased availability. Our specific focus is on improving various business processes, driving business performance, and training your team on a variety of subjects that are critical to take your business to the next level.

Our ultimate goal:

We are committed to making a positive, significant and measurable difference to our clients’ business no matter how much effort is involved. This is our promise.


“Axentys is incredibly easy to work with. They approach each client and their business individually. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with Axentys.”

Sales & Marketing, Elta Technologies

“We came to Axentys with specific areas of our practice that we wanted to improve. Axentys came up with ideas and new ways of looking at the issues, and helped us.”

VP, Sophus Systems


Who we are

We can assemble the right team with the right experience to help clients anywhere in the world. We take a consistent approach to recruiting and developing our people, regardless of where they are based. This structure ensures that we can quickly deliver the right team, with the right experience and expertise, to every client, anywhere in the world.

The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. For this reason, we invest tremendous resources in identifying exceptional people, developing their skills, and creating an environment that fosters their growth as leaders.

Our consultants include medical doctors, engineers, business managers, civil servants, entrepreneurs, and research scientists. They join Axentys for the opportunity to apply their talents to complex, important challenges. Their diversity of background, discipline, gender, nationality, and outlook ensures our clients receive a singular balance of deep and broad expertise.