Procurement and strategic sourcing solutions

Axentys is built upon its laser-like focus on managing a product category base. Axentys with its procurement experts and commodity managers are dedicated to tightly managing each one of these product categories. Our procurement solutions include supplier identification and rationalization, RFX management, contracting and negotiations, and procurement process improvement including e-Sourcing and Procure-to-Pay solutions.

Our solutions provide clients with:

  • Aggregated spends by commodity and category
  • Current contract costs, terms, and conditions
  • Product Specification including quality, availability and service requirements
  • Understanding of all fixed and variable cost drivers for total cost of ownership
  • Current Market Analysis
  • Recommended strategic sourcing strategies for cost reduction
  • Development and management of RFX or Reverse Auction events
  • Bid analysis and score-carding
  • Recommendations for supply change
  • Final contracting and negotiations
  • Implementation support
  • Ongoing audit and continuous improvement monitoring

Axentys has many key global sourcing and purchasing locations across many countries that house our global commodity management and supplier relationship management staffs. In these locations, our procurement specialists manage the end-to-end procurement life-cycle for many of the world’s most influential brands. This regionalized expertise, and our close-knit supplier relationships, provide efficient operations at a fraction of the cost—with on-time delivery. Now, this same robust, global, and scalable infrastructure can be put to work for your business.

When receiving our procurement and purchasing services as part of our comprehensive consulting solutions, you can expect to see a major cost cut on your indirect materials. You’ll also enjoy enhanced efficiency in your operations allowing you to utilize resources more strategically and clearer business intelligence providing reliable indication of progress towards you goals. With a team whose key members bring years of combined experience, you can rest assured our supply chain management services will deliver the results you need.

Key areas of expertise

Procurement Transformation
Procurement Transformation Advisory Services for best-in-class procurement operations.

Procurement Audits & Compliance
Monitor procurement compliance, audits and recovery, savings tracking and reporting services.

Supplier Identification
Region assessments, global and nearshore supplier identification and qualification services.

Supplier Relationship Management
Post-contracting, SRM, governance and vendor relationship management services and solutions.

Strategic Sourcing & Category Management
Strategic sourcing resources, market intelligence and support in hundreds of spend categories.

Spend Analysis
Cleanse, aggregate and classify disparate, decentralized data and identify savings opportunities.

Contingency Based Cost Reduction
Strategic Sourcing Services can be provided on a risk-free 100% pay-for-performance model.

Market Assessments & Bench-marking
Market intelligence and subject matter expertise for actionable category plans & negotiations.