We have completed planning, design and construction services projects for all types of treatment facilities ranging from extended aeration systems to advanced treatment works utilizing the latest process technologies. Historically, the firm has experience with plants with treatment capacities ranging from 0.4 mgd to 1,200 mgd. Our current staff of 300 employees offers specialized experience gained from more than 35 different waste-water treatment plants over the past 15 years. This experience also includes large and small plants and a variety of treatment processes and technologies.

Waste-water Treatment

Specializing in municipal water resources management for more than 3 years, Axentys has specific expertise and extensive experience in all aspects of waste-water management. Combining state-of-the-art technologies with proven engineering principles, Axentys has provided comprehensive engineering services to municipalities throughout the United States for the full range of waste-water, collection, treatment, and disposal.

Assisting municipalities in optimally meeting their waste-water engineering needs with sensitivity to budgetary constraints, optimization of land use and minimal disruption to the urban environment during a project’s implementation is one of the firm’s areas of expertise. Greeley and Hansen has developed and implemented meaningful, comprehensive waste-water management master and facilities plans through to facilities design, construction and operations assistance. We are proud of our extensive, successful experience developing defined, environmentally sound plans and facilities for the collection, treatment, reuse, and disposal of waste-water.

Water Reclamation

As the world’s population increases, so does the demand for water. Even in water-rich regions, drinking-water shortages may exist due to urbanization and industrial demands. Water reclamation – the reuse of highly treated waste-water in place of drinking water for non-potable uses – reduces the demand on fresh water supplies and may also help protect the quality of existing potable water supplies.

Wet Weather/Sewer infrastructure

Wet weather issues present numerous challenges to public works and sewer agencies across the United States. Communities fortunate enough to have reliable public water and sewer service have invested valuable resources into protecting their infrastructure, including maintaining and preserving the integrity of piping networks. When severe storms strike or when drastic temperature swings cause significant amounts of snow or ice to melt in a relatively short time-frame, and depending on the level of ground saturation, the extent of paved surface, geology and topography, isolated neighborhoods can quickly be inundated with surface flooding or sewer overflows, or both.



The future of water resources largely depends on the responsive management of today’s water quality. As an engineering firm with 3 years of experience in water resources management, Axentys knows responsive management requires approaches and solutions that meet your needs, now and in the future. Because your needs are unique, we listen and respond with innovative and practical engineering to effectively complete your project on schedule, on budget.

Axentys works with you as a team to provide the specialized services your project requires. Our services include comprehensive studies, planning reports, state-of-the-art computer modeling, a complete range of systems design, in-depth analyses for process selection and design…field and office construction management…operator-centered training, maintenance and start-up assistance…sophisticated computer and instrumentation/automation applications…utility management consulting and web-based information technology support.

You receive optimum service because a principal in the firm assumes primary responsibility for your project’s success. A skilled project manager, with the dedicated support of an experienced and knowledgeable technical team, follows through with close personal attention.

Water Supply/Distribution

Water resource management – the availability and accessibility of a plentiful, treatable water source – is the first issue facing new or expanding communities. Whether the proposed water supply is a natural or man-made lake, river, underground aquifer, water-reclamation source or even the ocean, Axentys understands the associated issues and opportunities. It is this broad base of understanding that enables Axentys engineers to work with clients and prepare the initial planning studies, followed by engineering designs for production, storage and distribution of water from a variety of sources.

Water Technology

Families grow and communities thrive where there is plentiful, clean water. Across the United States the planning, design and construction-related water supply and treatment services provided by Axentys engineers have helped to ensure plentiful, clean water for millions of people.

Water Storage

Some water storage reservoirs stand out as local landmarks, while others go almost completely unnoticed underground. In addition to their varied locations, the construction of these reservoirs can include such varied materials as reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete or steel.


Utilities Management Consulting

Utilities are under unprecedented pressure to apply private sector disciplines in their businesses. Increasingly, councils demand fiscal accountability, customers demand high qualities of service and competitors promise both. No longer is it sufficient for public utilities to just do the best they can in the public interest – now they must be viable businesses as well.

Axentys’ Utility Management Consulting helps our clients make their utilities into strong businesses. We help our clients:

  • Define expectations of those who are demanding improvements
  • Prioritize those expectations
  • Develop methods to address expectations
  • Implement business changes
  • Demonstrate improvements

Business process enhancement is the foundation of our service to our clients. We help clients identify their core business processes, define those processes to identify strengths and refine them to eliminate weaknesses. We provide technical support in all facets of business process enhancement, from process modeling to activity-based cost accounting and web-based information management.



Axentys Architects is a full-service architectural firm with expertise to meet the varied needs of municipal clients today. The firm offers a complete range of architectural services to bring your project from planning through construction administration.

With its direct relationship to Axentys, Axentys Architects is positioned to integrate its architectural services with engineering and construction management of both large and small municipal projects.

Challenges and solution

Challenges and solution

Improving and maintaining product quality in today’s global environment requires more than standard pass or fail testing. It requires answers to complex questions such as: How do I build brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction? Is there a proven process that improves profitability while protecting against future product problems? What support can be provided to verify customer claims and to answer questions from buyers and legal representatives? The answers to these questions require customized solutions based on data and knowledge. With limited or stretched resources, many companies struggle with these challenging questions.

What are Engineering Services?

Engineering Services are a broad spectrum of consulting, engineering and analytical services to aid and support companies with the complex questions and issues that arise in today’s global supply chain environment. Our services are developed by an experienced team of engineers and quality assurance professionals. Whether you need to correct a failure, improve a product, improve communication among your partners in the supply chain, or source products more efficiently from multiple vendors, we can develop customized recommendations for you.

What are the key benefits?

The answer or solution for your specific concern or question
• Improved communications and processes throughout your supply chain
• Simplified vendor/factory selection process
• Reduced costs and sourcing lead times
• Enhanced risk management and brand protection