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Speak with Axentys

We are always looking for talented speakers and high level professionals willing to share their experience and knowledge with our select audience.

We value the most your credibility as a representative of your field and your ability to inspire, inform and entertain an audience. We want speakers who will ‘Wow!’ their audiences, leaving them with value and new perspectives.

Here’s what we can guarantee you if you send us your information in the format requested:

1. All speaker information submitted to us will be reviewed and included in our database of speakers that is constantly reviewed prior to our next conference or event.
2. Should suitable speaking engagements or consulting opportunities arise for us , we will contact you for more information.
3. While inclusion in our database does not guarantee engagements, a web profile does broaden your exposure and increases the chances of more engagements.
4. Depending on the feedback received from our clients and audiences, we will contact you directly to discuss a more in-depth partnership.