Why would you consider Axentys as your investment partner?

AIG-Axentys Investment Group is focused on helping companies building sustaining businesses for the long term.

We work usually with small or mid-size companies or with high potential entrepreneurs that have bright ideas and need support converting them in real and sustaining businesses.
AIG partners are a group of highly experienced investors and high-level professionals with significant investments in a highly diversified portfolio.

Each investment opportunity is unique and depending on each case we provide financial support, business and technical expertise, human resources to the most promising start-ups or established businesses that need help reaching their full potential.

With office locations on 3 continents, we have access to an immense pool of management talent and highly skilled professionals, able to contribute immediately and significantly on every investment opportunity we discover, promote and sustain.

Recent Investment Projects

Super Target Systems – Advanced target retrieving and monitoring systems for private and commercial shooting ranges (www.supertargetsystems.com)
Expometer Environmental – Environmental Testing and Monitoring Equipment (www.expometer.com)
EVAhelp – Executive Virtual Assistance and Outsourcing Services (www.evahelp.com)
Product Management Help – Outsourcing Services for Product Managers (www.productmanagementhelp.com)
MDWeb – Website Design and Development for MD Professionals (www.medicaldoctorwebsite.com)

Super Target Systems

Expometer Environmental


Product Management Help